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Our Mission

The mission of the NPLA is to support, protect, and grow the Private Lending Industry. The NPLA serves as a platform where members collaborate, share ideas, and stay informed. We advise and educate the public, as well as both state and federal policymakers, on the vital role Private Lending plays in real estate markets throughout the United States.

We are the NPLA (National Private Lenders Association)—a trade organization created to represent and protect the interests of Private Lenders in America as it pertains to legislation and public policy.

We are the only industry association committed to providing its membership with representation both at the state level and in Washington, DC.

The NPLA, founded by Leonard Rosen, in consultation with other established industry leaders, exist for the benefit of all Private Lending professionals dealing in real estate based transactions.


Founding Members

Alpha Tech Lending

Fred Assini

CFSI Loan Management

Tom McAndrew
Brian Mingham
Cherie Ross

Corridor Funding

Jason Hirko
Jasen Miller

Direct Lenders’ Insurance Services

Kenneth Quiat

Global Integrity Finance

Toby Potter

Insula Capital Group

Edward Stock

JLJ Capital

Jonathan Lewis

KÉCŌ Capital, LLC

Kekoa Lwin
Cory Nemoto
Alexander Young

Lima One Capital

John Della Bella
Dalton Elliott
Jeff Tennyson

Liquid Logics

Alex Kaddah
Sam Kaddah

National Equity Funding

Sam Kohn

Northwind Financial

Chip Cummings
Aaron Metaj

Patch of Land

Robert Greenberg

Pitbull Conference

Leonard Rosen

Private Lender Law

Alisson Glessner
Darlene Grace
Jon Hornik

RCN Capital

Alan Johnson
Justin Parker
Jeffrey Tesch

Residential Capital Partners

Susan Andress
Paul Jackson
Richard Morgan

Rodeo Lending

Gregg Bernstein
Richard Katz

Secondary Wire

Larry Mullen

Secured Capital Lending

“Sam” Sarkis Chivitchian


Stephan Leccese
Mark Martino
Michael Ramin

Sky Equity

Allen Esses

Superior Loan Servicing

Barry Harari

We Lend

Ruben Izgelov


Abranova Real Estate

Abraham Ng’hwani

Applied Business Software/The Mortgage Office

A.J. Poulin

A&S Capital

Alexis Agopian
Martin Bedecarratz
Jorge Silberstein

Asher Capital Investment

Andrea Mullen
Edgardo Saldana
Nathaniel Saldana
Al Wells

Axylyum Charter

Robert Emerson
Bryce Malone
Halli Schermer

Billion PLG

ML Billion
Sam Billion
Yonas Tedla


Jake Harris
Juan Huerta

Caballero Lending Services

George Caballero

Churchill Real Estate

Sarper Beyazyurek

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Philip Boroda

Corporate Capital

Brent Carlson

Cross River Bank

Jack Adler

DLP Capital

Scott Meyers
Don Wenner
Matthew Zall

Equus Capital

Brian Collins

Fidelity Mortgage Lenders

Peter Steigleder
Paul Bellgraph

Finance of America Commercial

Matt Fernandes

Flatiron Realty Capital

Michael Ostad
Robert Talas

Fordham Enterprises

Justin Fordham

Gem Star Capital

Raymond Knox


Stephen Butler
Ren Hayhurst
Gary Highland

Good Faith Funding

Anthony Broullire

HouseMax Funding

Jeff Fechter

Incenter Appraisal Management

Nathan Bossers
Thomas Price
Mark Walser

Invigorate Finance

Jennifer McGuinness

Lakeport Capital

Yonel Devico

Lead Funding

Victor Mitchell
Jason Richards
Al Roberson

Leverage Capital

Veronique Hut
Eric Panecki

Mortgage Automator

Joseph Fooks


Joseph Volk

One Source Business Capital

David Marcantonio

Park Place Finance

Justin Hubbert

PRE Real Estate Services

Jason Marzano
John Notte
Tyler Psenicska


Rocky Butani


Andrew Damico
Ian Group
Patrick Janson

Property Finance

Dennis Pasqualino

RAI Group

Bette Gandelman

RealFi Partners

John Lettera

Renovo Financial

James Gaskin

Revolution Realty Capital

Oliver Austria

Roc Capital

Eric Abramovich
Michael Walden

Saluda Grade

Jay Ford

Sherman Bridge

Stuart Denyer
Jason Hutton
Magin Mason

SkyBeam Capital

Mark Fikse

Spiegel Accountancy

Nate Ashley
Beeta Lecha
Jeff Spiegel
Kadidia Traore

Toorak Capital Partners

John Beacham
Eli Novey
Ketan Parekh


Rob Pajon

Wright, Finlay & Zak

T. Robert Finlay
Brett Foster
Michelle Mierzwa


(Western Technologies Group)
Jerry Jones

360 Finance Group

Cassandra Davis
BK Hopgood
Ronald Maynard

Industry Leaders


Industry leaders stand shoulder to shoulder with the NPLA.

Benefits OF Membership

Be part of history. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

With the NPLA serving as a unifying force, for the first time, the Private Lending community can leverage its collective power in an organized and meaningful way.

An NPLA membership allows Private Lenders and Service Providers the ability to take a stand alongside their colleagues in a focused effort to do good while ensuring the continued growth of our industry.

Participate & Serve

The NPLA welcomes the participation of all Private Lending Professionals and Services Providers as members.

The NPLA is structured to facilitate and encourage members’ involvement, including the opportunity to serve on one of the following:


  • Advisory Council
  • Legislative Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Best Practices Committee
  • Membership Committee

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is made up of the most senior leaders of the Private Lending Industry.

Ideally, the Council represents a cross-section of our memberships’ demographics and expertise.
The Advisory Council serves as an unbiased sounding board for all NPLA membership and committee matters. All recommendations made by the Council are heavily weighted and integral to both present and future NPLA endeavors.

Current Advisory Council Members
Jonathan Hornik, Esq., Private Lender Law
Jeff Tennyson, Lima One Capital
Jeffrey Tesch, RCN Capital
Eric Abramovich, Roc Capital
Stephan Leccese, Sharestates

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee scouts for and monitors all state and federal regulatory changes that may affect the Private Lending Industry.

The NPLA will deploy resources where needed, upon the recommendation of the Committee, with the consensus of the Advisory Council. The importance of this Committee cannot be overstated.

Robert Finlay, Wright Finlay & Zak
Jasen Miller, Corridor Funding

Best Practices Committee

An essential function of the NPLA is to establish a set of industry standards or “Best Practices.”

Once published, these standards will serve to educate our membership base, which includes experienced lenders, ancillary service providers, and those new to the industry. Some things to be addressed are fees, interest rates, and disclosures.

Sam Kohn, National Equity Partners
Paul Jackson, Residential Capital Partners

Ethics Committee

The work of the Ethics Committee will be the foundation upon which the NPLA is built.

Crafting and articulating a code of ethics, recognized by our membership, will be vital in establishing a solid reputation with ancillary industries and the general public. As an association, the NPLA looks to put forth what will be considered the gold standard by which all Private Lenders operate.

Chair: Dalton Elliott, Lima One Capital
Vice-Chair: Peter Steigleder, Fidelity Mortgage Lenders

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee supports membership growth by actively recruiting, retaining, and engaging members.

The committee serves as a valuable resource for both current and prospective members.

Cory Nemoto, KÉCŌ Capital
Justin Fordham, Fordham Enterprises

Members Meeting

The NPLA hosts several meetings and membership events throughout the year. Become a member and join us for our upcoming events in Miami.

Bi-Weekly Conference Calls

Online video conference calls, discussing market conditions, risk mitigation, and best practices.


Upcoming Association Meeting

Sunday, March 27, 2022 at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne

Committee Meetings
Plaza Ballroom
12:00 – 12:45 pm

NPLA Membership Meeting
Plaza Ballroom
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Member-Only Cocktail Hour
Oceanfront Lawn
2:30 – 3:30 pm


Upcoming Networking Events

Saturday, March 26, 2022

NPLA Golf Tournament & Post Play Cocktail Party
Miami Beach Golf Club
1:30 pm Tee Time

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