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Our Mission

To advise and educate the public, as well as both state and federal policymakers on the vital role Private Lending plays in real estate markets throughout the United States.

We are the NPLA (National Private Lenders Association)—a trade organization created to represent and protect the interests of Private Lenders in America as it pertains to legislation and public policy.

We are the only industry association committed to providing its membership with representation both at the state level and in Washington, DC.

The NPLA, founded by Leonard Rosen, in consultation with other established industry leaders, exist for the benefit of all Private Lending professionals dealing in real estate based transactions.


Benefits OF Membership

Be part of history. Be part of something bigger than yourself.

With the NPLA serving as a unifying force, for the first time, the Private Lending community can leverage its collective power in an organized and meaningful way.

Founding members will play active roles in establishing the NPLA’s Code of Ethics, Guidelines for Best Practices, and determining the focus of advocacy efforts. The gravitas of founding members will be duly noted on the NPLA’s website as well as in various other public relations materials.

An NPLA membership allows Private Lenders and Service Providers the ability to take a stand alongside their colleagues in a focused effort to do good while ensuring the continued growth of our industry.

Industry Leaders


Industry leaders stand shoulder to shoulder with the NPLA.

Participate & Serve

The NPLA welcomes the participation of all Private Lending Professionals and Services Providers as members.

The NPLA is structured to facilitate and encourage members’ involvement, including the opportunity to serve on one of the following:

  • Advisory Council
  • Legislative Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Best Practices Committee

Committee assignments will be announced at our inaugural meeting in October.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is made up of the most senior leaders of the Private Lending Industry.

Ideally, the Council represents a cross-section of our memberships’ demographics and expertise.
The Advisory Council serves as an unbiased sounding board for all NPLA membership and committee matters. All recommendations made by the Council are heavily weighted and integral to both present and future NPLA endeavors.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee scouts for and monitors all state and federal regulatory changes that may affect the Private Lending Industry.

The NPLA will deploy resources where needed, upon the recommendation of the Committee, with the consensus of the Advisory Council. The importance of this Committee cannot be overstated.

Best Practices Committee

An essential function of the NPLA is to establish a set of industry standards or “Best Practices.”

Once published, these standards will serve to educate our membership base, which includes experienced lenders, ancillary service providers, and those new to the industry. Some things to be addressed are fees, interest rates, and disclosures.

Ethics Committee

The work of the Ethics Committee will be the foundation upon which the NPLA is built.

Crafting and articulating a code of ethics, recognized by our membership, will be vital in establishing a solid reputation with ancillary industries and the general public. As an association, the NPLA looks to put forth what will be considered the gold standard by which all Private Lenders operate.

Inaugural Meeting

Join us for the NPLA’s first membership meeting on Sunday, October 27th at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess.

Event details:

  • Noon – 4 pm
  • Palomino Ballroom 9
  • Committee chairs, vice chairs, and members will be determined on this day

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