Private Lending Glossary

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As the Private Lending industry evolves and matures, it becomes increasingly crucial to establish a set of standardized terms and definitions. The need for a comprehensive glossary becomes more evident as Private Lending transitions from a niche sector into a more institutionalized industry.

A standard glossary is a valuable asset to the industry for various reasons. It ensures uniformity in communication, understanding, and interpretation across diverse stakeholders –including legislators, the general public, and the lenders themselves.

The National Private Lenders Association (NPLA) Private Lending Glossary was authored in a collaborative effort by leading firms in the Private Lending Industry.

The definitions provided mirror the ever-evolving business and legal landscapes. As the private lending industry progresses, terms may need to be revised, or new ones might emerge. The NPLA Glossary serves as a living document that keeps pace with these changes, ensuring that all industry participants stay aligned and up-to-date.

If you have suggestions for term additions or edits, please contact [email protected].

Last Updated: 6.5.2023