NPLA Meeting Recap: Navigating Market Dynamics

April 4, 2024 | General

Recap and Insights provided by James Martin, VP of Operations at GoDocs

The latest NPLA Meeting shed light on the current market dynamics. As investors navigate through fluctuating rate environments and evolving market conditions, NPLA members stand at the forefront, capitalizing on opportunities and adapting strategies to stay ahead. Below is a look at what is happening in the market and how NPLA members are navigating these changing dynamics.

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Record Demand and Market Momentum

Members reported generally good numbers, with March being a recent record month for some. This upswing in activity is attributed to investors adapting to the prevailing rate environment and seizing opportunities in the market. With a well-capitalized investor base, private lending continues to gain momentum, especially as traditional banks withdraw from certain lending sectors, creating space for private lenders to fulfill unmet demand.

Loan Trends: Bridge Loans and DSCR

Bridge and DSCR loans remain prevalent nationally. However, We Lend, primarily active in the NY/NJ region, observed a notable uptick in demand for mixed-use and multifamily properties, particularly in NY. Due to the decline in bank lending, investors in this sector are exploring alternative lending avenues.

Operational Efficiency: Technology

To stay competitive, NPLA members are investing in technology to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Various tech solutions are available to optimize lending processes. For instance, Renovo Financial and We Lend have heavily invested in CRM solutions like Salesforce and HubSpot to automate loan processing, underwriting, and origination. We Lend also utilizes Mortgage Automator alongside its CRM automation.

While AI adoption remains moderate, interest is growing in leveraging AI technology to further enhance lending processes.

Fraud Prevention and Risk Mitigation

As lending activity expands, so do the risks of fraudulent activities. Members are actively implementing measures to combat fraud, utilizing tools like Plaid and Ocrolus to strengthen their defenses. Common fraud types include:

  • Combating ACH Reversal Scams: Eric Abramovich from Roc 360 emphasized the importance of verifying authorized signatories for ACH transactions to prevent fraudulent reversals.
  • Mitigating Notarization Fraud: There is a growing risk of fraudulent notary stamps used in loan documents. Implementing thorough verification procedures is crucial.
  • Identifying Valuation Inflation: Several lenders reported encountering cases of inflated valuations on cash-out refinances. A detailed review of the chain of titles is recommended for properties with unexplained value increases.
  • Technology as a Fraud-Fighting Tool: Many lenders have adopted Ocrolus to identify inconsistencies in borrower data and detect potential fraudulent transactions.

Market Resilience and Future Outlook

Despite optimism about current market conditions, members remain cautious about potential economic shifts in the second half of the year, especially with uncertainty surrounding future Fed rate adjustments. However, NPLA members are well-prepared to navigate through these challenges while maintaining resilience in the market.


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