A Time To Give

May 21, 2020 | General

The NPLA is proud to partner with Mercy Housing on new fundraising initiative.

Whether it be facilitating “think-tank” style video conference calls or providing relevant and timely information on state orders and SBA loans, the NPLA has been diligently working to support its members through the current crisis.

However, as we work to support one another professionally, we also understand the need to look beyond ourselves. That is why we are proud to announce our fundraising initiative in partnership with Mercy Housing.

Mercy Housing is the largest national nonprofit organization that develops, preserves, and manages program-enriched, affordable housing for a variety of low-income populations. Mercy Housing serves tens of thousands of people, including families, seniors, veterans, people who have experienced homelessness, and people with disabilities.

Today, amid the current COVID-19 crisis, all gifts will go directly to support resident programming and needs:

  • Operating existing and new pop-up food pantries with staff and community partners. This includes the acquisition and distribution of food to individuals and children following physical distancing requirements.
  • Purchasing personal protective equipment, like face masks, hand soaps, and sanitizers for residents to lower the risk of infection and enable frontline workers to continue providing support services to residents and keeping them clean.
  • Buying educational and social engagement supplies for families with children.

We encourage everyone to participate in this worthy cause.

Click here to make a gift today!